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Social Media Misconceptions For Business (Part 1)

Many clients have asked:

  • “Why do I need to consider blogging?  I don’t care to journal my life or my business?”
  • “Twitter!?  Seriously?  I have no desire to involve my business in silly web trends and who has time to play games with that stuff anyway?”
  • “They are time wasting web applications, they hinder business, they are destructive rather than constructive and invade everyone’s privacy”
  • “I do have a Facebook account but I don’t want to abuse my friendships with shameless advertising, it’s not the right forum.”
  • Why do I need to make videos?  YouTube and other video resources is a place for people with time to burn, wasting it on silly entertainment.

Some simply deplore the very idea of involving themselves in these platforms at all.

I hear many versions of this mindset.  I understand it but I categorically disagree with it and if you have a similar outlook, I’m confident I can, at the very least raise your brow in rethinking the way you look at marketing your business and branding yourself online.

Strait up – You need to start NOW with Social Media if you haven’t already.  I admit I was not a fan of many of these platforms but nevertheless realized quite some time ago the serious and monetizing advantages these platforms have for business .  You simply need to know how to harness them and make them work for you.

The WordPress Blog

Not to be confused with other blog formats.  The WordPress Blog platform (hereafter, “blog”) is by far the premier tool for professional blogging.  When I merely utter the word “blog”, clients still believe it’s simply an online journal and not interested.  It certainly can be used in that manner but what most people don’t understand is how to use the platform “professionally”.  Mindset is the key.  You actually need to regroup and 180 your perception of what’s working now on line and how business grows in the 21st century.

Similar to the expression, or should I say, question “Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?”,  blogging is not mainstream yet, but mainstream website trends are following the lead of professional blog sites in design style and end user features moving web traffic and more eyeballs to to their web content.  Blogs are growing very rapidly as people see and understand its usefulness in business.  It’s time to jump on this express to success now and get comfortable with this web platform.

Blogs are a growing design trend for business because of its built in CMS engine and it’s ease of implementation.  Visually, the design trend has become so accepted to the point that many static sites have a “blog like style” or layout today.  You can literally make something out of nothing in minutes with a few clicks and build it out as you go.

Blogs are finely tuned, pre optimized to a degree and are generally structured in a template based format with advanced server-side functionality and simple admin style editing features that any business owner or employee with knowledge of any modern word processor can edit virtually any aspect of the web site/blog.

Download it for free, install it.  You now have a Formula 1 engine and chassis..  You decide how fast you want it to go, customize the look and feel and race on the tracks of your choice. Read more…

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Crush It With Facebook Marketing

Just Yesterday I attended a fantastic live webinar my friend Jonathan Budd put together with some of the hottest tips for marketing on Facebook that will blow your mind. If you are going to play on Facebook why not monetize some of your time spent on it. Below are some of my notes from the webinar and if you are interested in seeing more, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Facebook currently has 400 million active users.

It is the fastest growing advertising platform and is fast becoming the new Google as far as online marketing.  It is an absolute playground that is producing an endless watering hole of leads for any business.  Are you in this game?

Do not cash in all your chips on Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. Diversify your marketing strategies. If you want to put your message where the people are, Facebook is golden.

The difference between Facebook and Google PPC Marketing.

Question; What is the purpose of a search engine?  To find your son a baseball glove, movie show times, cell phone reviews, etc., etc., right?  At its core, it is a tool to solve the users problem or issue.  This is where Facebook is completely different and the beauty of its contrast is the key to massive success with your internet marketing on this platform.

Facebook is a place for establishing identity and sharing interests.  It’s where we share our likes and dislikes and even specify in detail what those things are by joining groups, being a ‘fan’ and posting content of interest.
No one on Facebook is entering keywords for problem solving, so the key to marketing on Facebook is marketing to its user’s interests, their emotional plane and their needs directly rather than a problem. This is definitely a mindset change from Google marketing. Read more…

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PowerPoint & Keynote Secrets for Projection Screen Success

I don’t need to tell you that PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote applications are probably your number one tool for presentations but be aware that what you see on your computer screen is not necessarily what you will see on a video or projection screen.  Here are some important techniques and tips to consider when building your presentations for your next meeting, seminar or special event.  Let your attendees get the most out of your hard work.

I have worked on countless programs that have used PowerPoint and Keynote as a major focal point for their sales meetings, award show celebrations and other events and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen attendees struggle to see what they were invited there to see.  Why loose your audience in the back of the room if you don’t have to?  One or more of them quite possibly could be your next company superstar but they missed your presentation because they simply couldn’t see it and decided to play solitaire on their smart phone.

Lets add another layer to the necessity of reaching the attention of your attendees from the front row to the back row.  With a phone or laptop, a wireless connection and a little  social media at your attendee’s fingertips, they may be posting in real time what a bore your presentation is.  Not good.

You can avoid much of this by following these guidelines when building your program for  a projection screen in any venue or meeting space.  You may have heard the phrase, “Presentation is everything.”  Never take this phrase for granted. Read more…

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Why Your Online Authenticity and Social Network Strategy is So Important

What is online authenticity?

Have you been hearing this buzzword while looking into positioning yourself or your business on line?  Have you given it any thought?  Building online authenticity is fast becoming one of the most important factors in building a presence online today, right up there with building relationships with new businesses, vendors, prospects, clients, you name it.

“The Information Age” is firmly in place as we move into the “Recommendation Age” where we look to others and their opinions and experiences rather than being told what to expect. Finding information is second nature at this point.  What we look for now is the quickest path to narrow our search by asking others.  People are looking for you.  They want to know what you think.  People want to know if the movie was garbage or is it worth the twelve bucks.  Finding fishing lures online is a snap..  The info is easy to find, but I want to know if I’m going to catch any fish with them.  I’ll be looking for the wisdom of a fisherman at this point, not a salesperson. Read more…

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